B.Tech. Examination Model Question Paper-Free To download Question Paper of Electronic & Communication Engineer

B.Tech Examination Model Question Paper


Time:3 hrs Maximum:100 marks

Answer ALL Questions

PART A(10*2=20 marks)

image thumb19 B.Tech. Examination Model Question Paper Free To download Question Paper of Electronic & Communication Engineer

1.List any four advantage of third generation (3G) mobile networks

2.Write down the formula for co-channel reuse ratio.

3.What is Doppler shift.

4.What is meant by coherence bandwidth.

5.Name the four space diverrsity receptiob technique.

6.Define absolute bandwidth.

7.what is meant by vocoders.

8.What is self-jamming in CDMA.

9.What is the purpose of SIM.

10.What are the five functional entities of a DECT system.


PART B (5*16=80 marks)

11. (a) (i) Explain in detail the various cellular components. (8)

(ii)Explain the fundamentals of Digital cellular systems. (8)

(b) (i) Explain the process of operation of paging systems. (8)

(ii)Describe the steps involved in making a cellular telephone call (8)

12. (a) Derive the Impluse response model of a multiplepath channel. (16)
(b) Explain in detail about type of small scale fading. (16)

13. (a)(i)Write a note on RAKE recevier, with block diagram. (10)
(ii)Explain frequency diversity and time diversity . (6)

(b)Explain the concept of minimum shift keying and Gaurion MSK (16)

14. (a) Explain TDMA and discuss the time division Multiple acess frame structure (16)

(b) (i) Draw the block diagram of RELP encoder. Explain the function of coder. (6)
(ii)Enumerate the process for selecting the optimum excitation signal (10)

15. (a) (i) Discuss the features and service of GSM. (8)
(ii)Explain the GSM system architecture with the neat sketch. (8)


(b) discuss the channels and cellular operation in Advanced Mobile Phone
Systems(AMPS). (16)

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