Latest Current Affairs 2010 & General Knowledge Questions With Answers.

Here are some latest General Knowledge Current Affair Questions. These are October 2010 months latest questions.

1.What is the total number of Landlocked Developing Countries in the World ?

Ans: (B)332.Who among the following has been included in a 19-member group of notables that will assist the UK government in preparing business strategies and highlight priorities for the British economy?
(A)Nandan Nilkeni
(B)Ratan Tata
(C)N. R. Narayana Murthy
(D)Azim Premji

Ans: (B)Ratan Tata

3.Dr. P Rama Rao Committee is related to which of the following?

Ans: (D)Defense

4.Shiv Nadar is related to which of the following companies?
(A)HCL Technologies
(B)PCS Technologies
(C)Q3 Technologies
(D)Ness Technologies

Ans: (A)HCL Technologies

5.”Divyadrishti” comes under which of the following programmers of DRDO?
(A)Full Scale Engineering Development (FSED) Programme
(B)Interception, Monitoring, Direction and Finding and Analysis System (IMDFA)
(C)Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP)
(D)None of them

Ans: (B)Interception, Monitoring, Direction & Finding & Analysis System (IMDFA)

6.”Golden Mahasheer” is a variety of which of the following?

Ans: (C)Fish

7.Which among the following is the main source of “Synthetic Fuel”?
(D)Municipal Waste

Ans: (C)Coal

8.What was UNIVAC?
(A)A computer
(B)A Super computer
(C)A software Programme
(D)A Computer Manufacturer

Ans: (A)A computer

9.Which among the following is NOT a classical language?

Ans: (D)Malayalam

10.From which country, India is procuring Ultra Light Howitzers (ULH) for Indian Army very soon?

Ans: (C)USA

11.Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir is from which country?

Ans: (A)Sudan

12.In context with India, the N-LIST is a _______?
(A)Negative List of Export Items
(B)Negative List of Import Items
(C)Nuclear Sites
(D)Student Resources in Electronic Form

Ans: (D)Student Resources in Electronic Form

13.Which among the following are TOP 3 debtors of World Bank ?
(A)India, South Africa, Mexico
(B)India, Mexico, South Africa
(C)India, Mexico, Pakistan
(D)Mexico, India, South Africa

Ans: (B)India, Mexico, South Africa

14.What is the Asian Development Bank’s latest forecast about growth of India’s Economy?

Ans: (B)8.5%

15.Which among the following state was India’s largest vegetable producer in 2008-09?
(D)West Bengal

Ans: (D)West Bengal

16.After the world’s largest sharesale of USD 70 Billion, Brazil’s state-run Petrobras has become world’s ______largest oil firm by market capitalization. What is the correct term to fill the blank?

Ans: (C)Third

17.Gloria Stuart, who recently died was an ______?

Ans: (A)Actress

18.What is Government’s Contribution in the “Swavlamban” account every year?
(A)Rs. 500
(B)Rs. 1000
(C)Rs. 1500
(D)Rs. 2000

Ans: (B)Rs. 1000

19.Which among the following bank has the largest ATM network in the country?
(A)State Bank of India
(C)HSBC Bank
(D)Punjab National Bank

Ans: (A)State Bank of India

20.Which among the following does not represent the correct Merger Deal?
(B)Ranbaxy-Daiichi Sankyo
(C)ONGC-Imperial Energy
(D)ICICI Bank-Centurion Bank of Punjab

Ans: (D)ICICI Bank-Centurion Bank of Punjab

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