Most Popular Interview Questions For Electrical Engineer Students-Most Commonly Ask Questions During Interview-Interview Questions for Electrical Engineer Students

these are  some of the  most asked interview questions for electrical engineer students during the interview session,and some  of the questions are rapidly asked,so if you are electrical engineer student, then you must have answer for following questions in your finger tip.

1) Types of tempering of energy meter?


2) what is the difference b/w voltage and current

3) All we know about T/R, Is it possible to make T/R primary single phase and secondary three phase,If it then how?… Need Description 
4) show the physical connection and phasor diagrams of 1: DZO 2: Yd1 3: DZ6 4: Yd11 5: YZ11

5) Block diagram of Power line communication?

there are cam operated switches – why we call cam operated , What is cam ? 
6) Percentage losses in power generation? 
7) In separately excited m/c,we excite the field by a dc source,what not with ac source?
8) what is the definition of a power transformer ? 
9) How actually an anti pumping device works? what is the operational principal? 
10) A 4-Pole D.C. Generator has a speed of 1500r.p.m. Then what will be the frequency of D.C. Generator ?
11) why do we need the body earth? 
12) Why is the generator rating always in kVA and motor rating in kW?

13) what is eee?
14) how to enter inverter parameter? without manual?

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