Placement Question Papers-Question Paper For HP

Selection process steps  For HP ( Hewlett-Packard)
1-Written Test
3-Hr Round
1-Written Test
in written test three sections you can opt for  JAVA,C,C++
i chose C++.
4 parts in each section
each part of 20 or 25 ques aprrox 100 questns
each section 25 mins
First part was C,C++. qstns on fundamentals ,programs and their output . objective type
Second part was – verbal and non-verbal R.s agarwal figure pattern ,ages ,sets etc
Third part was again on C,C++ little more intensive objective type long programs like reverse a integer , sum of digits of
all numbers etc. tests your fundamentals
Fourth part- OS and Networking questions on OSI layers ,heaps,stacks queue,dequeue and like that routing table etc.
2-Technical Round
They will ask your specialized subject and ask questions according to that.
i said electronics,c++,up
they asked about diode,then how to count no of 1’s in a given integer in C++.
what is difference b/w function declaration and function definition
then they started asking some aptitude questions .not that difficult though

3-Hr Round It is an informal round. They ask about Hp. What do we expect from Hp.
finally they selected 6 from CS,1 from ece.

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