Prasar Bharti -2010-Recruitment for 128 Engineering Assistants-All India Radio & Doordarshan-(Akashvani AIR & DD)

image thumb29 Prasar Bharti  2010 Recruitment for 128 Engineering Assistants All India Radio & Doordarshan (Akashvani AIR & DD) All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan (DD) requires 128 Engineering Assistants (UR-26, OBC-18, SC-52, ST-32) for Radio Stations/ Doordarshan Kendras/ LPTV Relay Centres in the network. If any, the network has been divided into five zones, i.e North Zone, East Zone, North East Zone, West Zone and South Zone.

All India Radio and Doordarshan Require 128 engineering assistants for radio stations/Doordarshan Kendras / LPTV Relay Centres etc.

Name of the Post – Engineering Assistant

Total Vacancies – 128 (Various Zone)
North Zone – (Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Delhi and UT of Chandigarh) – 28 Posts
East Zone – (West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar and Jharkhand)- 01 Post
North East Zone – (Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland & Sikkim) – 26 Posts
West Zone – (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Goa, UT of Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli) – 23 Posts
South Zone. – (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, UT of Pondicherry, Andaman Nicobar and Lakshadweep) – 50 Posts

image thumb30 Prasar Bharti  2010 Recruitment for 128 Engineering Assistants All India Radio & Doordarshan (Akashvani AIR & DD)

Pay-Scale - Rs.9300/-Rs.34800/ + Grade Pay – Rs.4200/ + Usual Allowances as admissible.

Qualification – 3 years diploma in Radio / Telecommunications / Electrical/Electronics/Information Technology/Electrical Communication Engineering Recognized by Government of India.
Degree with physics as one of the subjects from a recognized university
Degree in Engineering in the relevant field(as mentioned above for diploma) from a recognized university)
Diploma in Sound Recording and sound engineering awarded by film and television institute of India, Pune.

Desirable : Knowledge of Wireless or Radio Engineering

Age : 18-27 years as on 02/08/2010. Age relaxation as per Govt. orders.

Selection Procedure : The recruitment will be made on the basis of written test of two hour duration on 24/10/2010 at 11.00 AM at different centres in India.

How to Apply : Application should be submitted in the prescribed OMR application form. The application fee is Rs.100 for Gen/OBC candidates Rs.25 for SC/ST/PH/Ex-serviceman candidates. The application form can be obtained w.e.f 30.06.2010 to 30.07.2010.

Last Date : 30.07.2010

For more information you can logon to image thumb31 Prasar Bharti  2010 Recruitment for 128 Engineering Assistants All India Radio & Doordarshan (Akashvani AIR & DD)


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    Do u provide the sample paper of Prasar Bharti Entrance Examination.

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    if u have previous question papers of prasar bharti recruitment, den please mail me. i will be very thankful to u. do reply

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    if u have previous question papers of prasar bharti recruitment, den please mail me. i will be very thankful to u. do reply my id is

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    IS PRASAR BHARATI not for Computer Science engineers?
    Clear it as soon as posible.

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    if u have previous question papers of prasar bharti recruitment, den please mail me. i will be very thankful to u. do reply

  • b.ramya
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    can u please send me prasar bharathi application form

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    the postal stamp is necessary or not if i am not paste stamp how is the application will reject or not

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    please sir provide sample paper of prasar bharti my id is……..thanks

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    sir please send me previuse question paper of prasar bharti requier ment i will be very thank ful to prasar bharti…please rply prasar bharti team …..jai shri krishna for all prasar bharti team………..

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    If u have prasar bharati sample papers pls mail me on my id and syllabus of prasar bharti entrance exam of assistant engineer. Pls do reply I will be thankful to u.Pls do reply as soon as possible

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    if u have previous question papers of prasar bharti engineering assistant recruitment, den please mail me. i will be very thankful to u. do reply.

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    please provide me previous paper of subject B.Sc(physics) of assistance engineer in parsar bharti enterance exam.
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    i had applied for the post of assistant engineer.. but still i id’t got the exam hall ticket..please reply..

  • monica solanki
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    sir, did u provide the roll no. online , becoz yet i didn’t get the exam hall ticket. to appear in d exam… thank you plz ..reply

  • abhi
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    dont worry guys..u will get the admit card if u receive the frm south zone and i got it just concentrate on ur xam..ALL D BEST..

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    SIR i have not,s received my admit card please send me. my application no .138503 (south zone) .kindly help me.

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    1)In T.V audio and video what type of modulation are used
    Ans FM,AM
    2)In T.V what type of modulation used
    Ans vestigal side band (VSB)
    3)There two Problem on vswr by giving values of Z0,ZL asked fine value of vswr
    4) There two problem on vswr by giving Reflection coefficient and
    asked fine value of vswr
    6)In Fm If Beta is 100% then fine frequency deviation ?
    7)8085 is What address microprocessor
    8)IF of AM is
    ANs 455KHZ
    8)What is the anode voltage of TV picture tube
    9)Sync pulse is used in TV
    Ans For the separation of horizontal pulse with vertical pulse
    10)What type of modulation is used in audio
    Ans frequency modulation
    11)What is coaxial cable range in microwave frequency
    12)What is the max frequency in AM
    Ans 5KHZ
    13)Which of following the DeMorgan law
    14)Which of the following is incorrect
    1)1+A=A 2)1+A=1 3)A+AB=A
    Ans is 1st option
    15)A problem on 2’s compliment
    16)In output of PUSH PULL amplifier what is absent
    1)All even harmonics are cancelled
    2)All odd hormonics are cancelled
    3)All even harmonics and odd harmonics are cancelled
    4)None of the above
    16)Demodulator is used
    Ans retrieve the message signal at the receiver
    17)A theory bit on reflex klystron
    18) question on silicon and germanium
    19)Optical fiber works on which principle
    20)Which is unipolar device
    Ans UJT
    21)What is Z0 for lossless medium
    22)the total power radiated and current is given he asked find resistance
    23)Question Signal to noise ratio
    24)One question on BALUN
    25)The physical length of an antenna compared to its electrical length is
    Ans slightly less
    26)A wave guide can be consider to be equivalent to BAND PASS
    27)A carrier Is simultaneously amplitude modulated by two sine wave with modulation index 0.3 and 0.4 the total modulation index is
    28)capacitor is cascaded to improve
    29)Thyristor is a
    30)Which bridge is used to measure frequency
    31)A question on definition of lenz’s law
    32)question on op-amp
    33)question on common emitter
    34) 2 to 3 problem are given on Icb0 formula
    35)3 Resistor of 50ohms are connected in star the find its delta form
    36)For pda If lamda be the free space wavelength and D be the diameter the Beam awidth is given By
    Ans 70lamda/D
    37)Which is fastest logic family Ic
    1)TTL2) ECL 3)CMOS 4)DTL
    38)who is first women of Indian national congress
    Ans Annie besant
    39)Mother Teresa born in which country
    40)1st Olympic started in which year
    41)who,s signature is on one rupee note
    Ans Finance Minister
    42) asked about common wealth games
    43)In which field two time Noble prize was given (India)
    44)who shared the 1st Oscar
    45)cauvery flows in which states (3)
    46)which is not a Communication media
    option dint remembered
    47)Which country own six medal in common wealth games
    48)Discovery on India was written by
    Ans Jawaharlal nehru
    49)My Experience with truth written by
    Ans Gandhi

    There 200bits (175 technical 25 gk)2 hr most of them was theory covered from analog communication micro processor Digital communication EMTL………etc

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    @Dornal , thanks for sharing the paper with Us !

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    Can u tell me ven is the results of all india radio/DD

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    when will the result of all india radio/DD will be published

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