Top and Best Non – IIM MBA Colleges Accepting Admission via CAT Scores

List of top NON-IIM colleges in India, that take students via the CAT exam and this list ahs  complete description including the maximum salary package and the average salary package for that institute and the various programmes that are offered and no. of seats and the contact details along with their website . Good Luck icon smile Top and Best Non – IIM MBA Colleges Accepting Admission via CAT Scores

Management Development Institute, Gurgaon (MDI)

14079 medium Top and Best Non – IIM MBA Colleges Accepting Admission via CAT Scores

MDI has its own campus spread over 37 acres in Gurgaon. Located strategically, the campus is about 16 Kms. from Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi and 30 Kms, from downtown Connaught Place, New Delhi. The campus is well laid out with an extensive six hole golf green, trees, lawns and aesthetically planned landscapes. Set amidst lush green grass fields in sylvan surroundings, the institute is and provides a highly conducive environment for studies.

The entire complex consists of air-conditioned lecture halls, syndicate rooms, faculty and administrative blocks, a state-of-the-art computer center, and one of the best management libraries. There is a fine executive hostel, ‘Mandevian House’, which has reception halls, air-conditioned dining halls, air-conditioned and fully furnished residences for participants with all the modern amenities. The campus also has residential accommodation for academic and administrative staff. There are facilities for lawn tennis, badminton and yoga classes. Besides, there are a T.V. lounge, a T.T. room, a gymnasium, a recreation room and a canteen. Facilities like ISD / STD, telephone, fax, and Internet are also available on the campus.


  • Postgraduate programme in managment (PGPM): 2 years
  • National management programme (NMP)
  • Executive mangement programme (EMP): 3 years
  • Postgraduate programme in human resource management (PGP-HRM): 18 months
  • Fellow programme in mangement (FPM)
  • Executive fellow programme in management: 4/5 years
  • Executive PGDM in energy management: 15 months
  • Postgraduate programme in international management
  • Executive postgraduate programme in management
  • Postgraduate programme in putblic policy and management: 21 months


Admission criteria:

Performance in CAT followed by Personality Assessment


Highest Domestic Salary: Rs 20.2 lakh

Average Salary: Rs 12.5 lakh


Management Development Institute,

Mehrauli Road,


Gurgaon – 122007

Tel: 0124-2348831/36

Fax: 0124-2341189



S.P.Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumabi (SPJIMR)

14080 medium Top and Best Non – IIM MBA Colleges Accepting Admission via CAT Scores

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s S.P.Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) grew rapidly in eminence from one of the three B-schools in the country in 1981 to one of the top ten B-schools in the country by 1994-1995. Since then, it has continued to retain this position with ease during the last decade. The bold move to disaffiliate SPJIMR from the then Bombay University to have freedom in course curriculum, pedagogic innovations and pioneering programmers in socially under managed sectors was a beginning of its journey to achieve the mandate it has given itself in terms of unique innovative and distinct path in management education

The guiding philosophy of SPJIMR is influencing practice and promoting value based growth. The institute has an enviable track record of recognizing the needs of the society, especially the under managed sectors, and responding with quick and appropriate responses. Today, SPJIMR has to its credit five centers with multifarious activities, two-year full time postgraduate diploma (equivalent to MBA) and a few continuing executive education programmes. It has also made its presence felt in global arena and has truly become a larger than B-school.

SPJIMR is an autonomous management institute with entrepreneurial agility that has made it totally self-financing, personal freedom with professional accountability and corporatized culture, structure and processes.

SPJIMR also figures in top ten B-schools South Asia.


  • Postgraduate diploma in management (PGDM): 2 years
  • Postgraduate programme in management (PGPM): 1 year
  • Postgraduate diploma in system management (PGDSM) and Masters in information technology (MIT): 2 years
  • Executive management programme (EMP): 21 months
  • Family managed business (FMB): 2 years

Seats: 120

Admission criteria:

Performance in CAT/XAT/GMAT, followed by Personality Assessment


Highest Domestic Salary: Rs 24 lakh

Average Domestic Salary: Rs 13.9 lakh


SP Jain Institute of Mangement & Research

Munshi nagar, Dadabhai road, Andheri west,

Mumbai – 400058

Tel: 022-26237454/0396

Fax: 022-26237042



Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA)

14081 medium Top and Best Non – IIM MBA Colleges Accepting Admission via CAT Scores

Started in 1991, Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA) is an autonomous non-profit management education institution.  MICA has set a precedent as the first residential academic institution in the country and perhaps in the Asia-Pacific region wholly dedicated to meeting the needs of the integrated marketing communications industry.  MICA complements the role that management education plays in modernizing and professionalizing communications-driven businesses.

Today, it is the alma mater of professionals who are serving in the marketing, marketing research, advertising and media sectors, and emerging communications-driven businesses such as broadcasting, retail and design communication, and public relations and event and entertainment management.

The MICA Brand assures the delivery of current, reliable and cost-effective communications management skills.

The single, most important aspect that makes MICA stand apart from the other management schools in the country is the strength and design of its curriculum.  The courses are structured and taught with the intention of creating communications management specialists who are able to understand the multiple requirements of business, specifically of those organizations that are communications-driven in realizing their business strategy and effectiveness.


  • Postgraduate diploma in management PGDM (Communications)
  • Executive postgraduate diploma in management PGPCMX (Communications); 15 months
  • Certificate in crafting creative communications (CCC)
  • Speicialised postgraduate programme in retail communications management (PGRCM)
  • Visual merchandising and creative communications: 6 months
  • Executive development programme in media management (EDPMM): 1 year
  • Executive d
    evelopment programme in data analysis (EDPDA): 6 months
  • Postgraduate certificate programme in advertising management (PGCPAM): 1 year

Seats: 120

Admission criteria:

CAT/GMAT followed by MICA Admissions Test(MICAT), Group exercise(GE) and personal interview(PI)


Highest Salary: Rs 13.7 lakh

Average Salary: Rs 8 lakh




Ahmedabad – 380058

Tel: 02717-308250

Fax: 02717-308349



National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai (NITIE)

14082 medium Top and Best Non – IIM MBA Colleges Accepting Admission via CAT Scores

Since its inception in 1963 , NITIE has achieved significant milestones in the course of its progress. Sincere and dedicated pursuance of the objectives encrypted at the beginning, has led it to register itself as a pioneer educational institution and a peerless one in the field of Industry specific researches and teachings. Some of the milestones are enumerated below.
One of the finest Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering Laboratories in addition to Physical Ergonomics, Occupation Health and Safety, Industrial Environment, Environmental Engineering, Energy Audit, Maintenance and Condition Monitoring, Audio Visual and Simulation Laboratories are at various stages of the development.
During the year 2006-07 NITIE conducted—Management Development Programmes in which middle and senior level executives from various Private / Public Sector and Government Departments had participated. So far more than 44,158 Executives are trained by NITIE in various disciplines. These executives have participated in the short-term development Programmes conducted by the Institute.


  • Postgraduate diploma in industrial management (PGDIM): 2 years
  • Postgraduate diploma in industrial engineering (PGDIE): 3 years
  • Postgraduate diploma in industrial safety and environmental management (PGDISEM)

Seats: 120

Admission criteria:

Performance in CAT followed by personality assessment


Highest Domestic Salary: Rs 20.97 lakhs


NITIE Campus,

Near Vihar Lake,

Mumbai – 400087

Tel: 022-28575590

Fax: 022-28575670



Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad (IMT)

14083 medium Top and Best Non – IIM MBA Colleges Accepting Admission via CAT Scores

The Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad is rated among the top 10 business schools in India. It is widely recognized as a center of excellence in management education, having moulded itself according to the fast changing business and social environment over the last 25 years.The institution is strategically located in Ghaziabad, near the national capital.

IMT boasts of one of the best infrastructure in the country which is evident from its consistent high ranking on infrastructure parameter. Its strength lies in its eminent faculty and the quality of its courses that have in many cases, been trendsetters.

The student fraternity is marked by a strong camaraderie and the total dedication with which the students involve themselves in the activities of the institute as cohesive group which also honing them skills to excel in the fiercely competitive world of contemporary business. The remarkable sense of community at IMT starts in classrooms, where synergy can be witnessed among the students and faculty members.

IMT graduates, equipped with energy and drive, take this same teamspirit and individual skillbase to the work place, demonstrating a passion for excellence and a characteristic IMT brand of commitment and go-getter attitude.

The success of the past inspires confidence in the future  -  confidence in its ability to continue to nurture those special skills and attitudes that produces leaders capable of changing the world of business. The consistently 100% placements bear testimony to the demand for this combination as personified in all our student managers.


  • Postgraduate diploma in management
  • Postgraduate diploma in management (finance)
  • Postgraduate diploma in management (information technology)
  • Postgraduate diploma in management (human resource)
  • Postgraduate diploma in management (international business)
  • Postgraduate diploma in management (executive)

Seats: 120

Admission criteria:

Performance in CAT followed by personality assessment


Highest Domestic Salary: Rs 17 lakhs

Average Domestic Salary: Rs 8.67 lakhs


Institute of Management Technology,

Raj Nagar,

Ghaziabad – 201001

Tel: 0120-3002200

Fax: 0120-3002300



Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal (IIFM)

14084 medium Top and Best Non – IIM MBA Colleges Accepting Admission via CAT Scores

Indian Institute of Forest Management is a sectoral management institute, which constantly endeavors to evolve knowledge useful for the managers in the area of Forest, Environment and Natural Resources Management and allied sectors. It disseminates such knowledge in ways that promote its application by individuals and organizations. IIFM has been established with the following objectives :

Provide training in management and related subjects for persons from the Indian Forest Service, Forest Departments, Forest Development Corporation and Forest related industries with a view to equip them to practice the art and profession of management of forestry development.

Inculcate an appreciation in those selected for training, that conservation is of overriding importance in the management of living natural resources and that the primary role of forests is the vital ecological and environmental purpose they serve.

Select and prepare outstanding and talented young persons for careers leading to management responsibility in forestry and the forest-related system.

Meet the need of Indian forestry and forest-related industry and commerce in respect of upto-date information on forestry management through research, consulting and publication.

Assist, institute and carry out research in matters concerning the use of management and allied techniques and methods conducive to the development of forestry in the country.

Institute awards, scholarships, fellowships, prizes and medals in accordance with the rules and bye-laws.

Create patronships, affiliations & other classes of professional or honorary membership or office, as the society may consider n


  • Postgraduate programme in forestry management(PFM) : 2 years
  • Fellow programme in management (FPM)

Seats: 35

Admission criteria:

Performance in CAT, GD and Interview


Highest Domestic Salary: Rs 7 lakhs

Highest International Salary: Rs 22 lakhs


Indian Institute of Forest Management,

Post Box No.357,

Nehru Nagar,

Bhopal – 462003

Tel: 0755-2775716

Fax: 0755-2772878



TA Pai Management Institute, Manipal (TAPMI)

14085 medium Top and Best Non – IIM MBA Colleges Accepting Admission via CAT Scores

TAPMI is one of the top ranking institutes in India known for its strong academic credentials and reputation. The institute has been recognized well by established and reputed business and industrial houses in India. Over the years, the institute has earned a name for its Post Graduate Programme in Management (equivalent to MBA) and the quality of talent it has developed among the students. Continuous improvement in the curriculum, structure and academic systems has contributed significantly to making TAPMI a preferred centre for management education.

As our programme is gaining in strength and reputation, students have found themselves ample opportunities for seeking responsible managerial positions. Over 1900 alumni of TAPMI are in positions of responsibility and pride in India and abroad.
TAPMI is located at Manipal, Udupi district, Karnataka. Manipal is known as the International University Town and has a cosmopolitan ambience. It is home to a large number of educational institutes for medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, arts and science, engineering and technology. Manipal is also known for its innovative development banking and financial services sector.


  • Postgraduate diploma in management (PGDM)

Seats: NA

Admission criteria:

Performance in CAT/GMAT, GD and Interview


This info is not discolosed by the institute


T.A.Pai Mangement Institute,

Manipal – 576104,


Tel: 0820-2571358

Fax: 0820-2570699



Bharathidasam Institute of Management, Tiruchirapalli (BIM)

14086 medium Top and Best Non – IIM MBA Colleges Accepting Admission via CAT Scores

BIM’s premier status has been endorsed by various agencies. Many of the Business School surveys have rated BIM as one of the top business schools in India.
BIM’s unique and successful partnership with BHEL and its rapid rise as premier management institute in the country, has become the subject of a case study at IIM Ahmedabad for the Asia-Pacific conference on higher education.


  • MBA: 2 years

Seats: 120

Admission criteria:

Performance in CAT


Highest Salary: Rs 10 lakhs

Average Salary: Rs 7 lakhs


Bharathidasam Institute of Management,

Post Box No:12,

BHEL Complex,

Tiruchirappalli – 620014

Tel: 0431-2520502



Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater NOIDA

14087 medium Top and Best Non – IIM MBA Colleges Accepting Admission via CAT Scores

The fully residential campus of Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) located in National Capital Region, provides a highly conducive academic environment, interaction with hard working and industry-academia mix professors, proximity to the strategy makers of the industry and practitioners of the service and manufacturing companies, exposure to the international universities and companies, and a ready profile of strong alumni base spread through out the world.
Birla Institute of Management Technology was established in 1988 under the aegis of the Birla Academy of Art and Culture, and supported by Birla group of companies. Dr. (Smt.) Sarala Birla, chairperson of Birla Academy and Syt. B K Birla, chairperson of B K Birla Group of companies are the founders of the business school. It has progressed from a moderate start to the 12 th rank in INDIA. The Board of Governors is comprised of eminent people from industry and headed by Sri R N Jaju, President, ECE Industries.

BIMTECH is mini India in its formation every year. It has students coming almost from all the states of India, and also from few foreign countries. Its mix of nationalities, cultural backgrounds, academic and professional experiences make BIMTECH one of the most exciting and enriching business schools in the country. Its long belief to prepare global managers who have cross cultural training has become a practice of the globe today.
India is indicating for strong economy and DELHI (National Capital Region) is the trigger of this growth. The industrial and economic policies framed here, industrial associations meet, and CEOs evenings are all realities here and not media news. This is also one of the cultural convergence centres of India for both national and international. A location of such importance is always an asset for exposure to the real life learning and developing national and global networking. You are very well in reach; Greater Noida is hardly few miles away.

To become an extraordinary personality, you need an extraordinary Institution. BIMTECH has shown an extraordinary growth in the country in last five years.


  • Postgraduate diploma in management(PGDBM): 2 years
  • Postgraduate diploma in international business (PGDIB): 2 years
  • Postgraduate diploma in insurance and risk management (PGDIRM)
  • Masters programme in retail management (PGDM-RM): 2 years

Seats: 120

Admission criteria:

Performance in CAT/MAT, GD and interiview


Highest Salary: Rs 7.2 lakhs

Average Salary: Rs 5.2 lakhs


  • Postgraduate diploma in retailing and merchandising for executives (PGDRMX)

    Birla Institute of Management Technology,

    Plot No:5, Knowledge Park II,

    Greater Noida (NCR) – 201306,

    Tel: 0120-2323001

    Fax: 0120-2323022



    Inernational Management Institute, New Delhi (IMI)

    14088 medium Top and Best Non – IIM MBA Colleges Accepting Admission via CAT Scores

    IMI follows international standard curricula in its programs, which has been enriched by its academic collaborations with International Institute for Management Development (
    IIMD), Lausane (erstwhile International Management Institute, Geneva); Faculty of Management, McGill University, Montreal, and Manchester Business School, U.K, prepares participants to successfully manage and lead in an increasingly global business environment. IMI’s educational programs have been recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India.
    The corporate world in India, public, private, multinational companies, international consulting firms and other organizations have employed its alumni who are rightly called, the Achievers.


    • Postgraduate diploma in management(PGDBM): 2 years
    • Postgraduate diploma in human resource management (PGDM-HR): 2 years
    • Postgraduate diploma in management (PGDM): 3 years part time
    • Executive postgraduate diploma in management (executive PGDM)

    Seats: 120

    Admission criteria:

    Performance in CAT, Extempore and interiview


    Highest Salary: Rs 12.1 lakhs

    Average Salary: Rs 8.75 lakhs


    International Management Institute,

    B-10, Qutab Institutional Area,

    Tara Crescent,

    New Delhi – 110016

    Tel: 011-26529237

    Fax: 011-26867539



    FORE School of Management

    14089 medium Top and Best Non – IIM MBA Colleges Accepting Admission via CAT Scores

    Foundation for Organizational Research and Education (FORE)is a center of excellence in Management Education, Research, Training and Consultancy.
    The unique philosophy of FORE since its establishment in 1981, lays emphasis on being reasonable and fair as well as flexible. Constant upgradation of myriad management skills attains utmost importance in order to achieve competence in the fast changing corporate environment. The MDPs organized by FORE have set out to achieve this objective.

    FOREconcerns itself with overall development of managers of the new millennium. Hence, the faculty and students are encouraged to take active participation in all events both academic and otherwise. Strong emphasis is laid on external exposure, students are encouraged to take up on-line research projects in conjunction with their specialization, over and above the curriculum.
    The curriculum at FOREis constantly upgraded with productive inputs from both faculty as well as students, who in turn are constantly in touch with the corporate sector and the alumni to help future managers meet the challenges of competition and to avail of emerging business trends. Students of FSM are subjected to rigorous academic pressures. They are expected to meet deadlines and constantly make efforts to improve their performance. Constant self-appraisal and improvement is resorted to. Yoga, Stress Management and meditation also form an integral part of the curriculum.


    • Postgraduate diploma in management: 2 years
    • Postgraduate diploma in international business management (IBM): 2 years

    Seats: 150

    Admission criteria:

    Performance in CAT, GD and interiview


    Highest Salary: Rs 26 lakhs

    Average Salary: Rs 11 lakhs


  • Postgraduate diploma in management : 3 years part time

    FORE School of Management,

    B-18, Qutab Institutional Area,

    New Delhi – 110016

    Tel: 011-41242424

    Fax: 011-26520509



    University Business School, Chandigarh (UBS)

    14090 medium Top and Best Non – IIM MBA Colleges Accepting Admission via CAT Scores

    The University has, for the last 50 years, continued to create beacons of light that have set benchmarks of performance and efficiency for others to follow.

    The University has the distinction of giving to the nation a number of academicians, administrators, scientists, and business leaders. Our graduates have also made their mark on the international scene with Kalpana Chawla, the US astronaut, being one of the examples.

    Panjab University endeavours to give complete learning environment and stimuli for the all round development of the society, and its smallest entity – The Individual. It has, for over a century, been delivering the promise of providing the nation with strong and educated young men and women to bear the responsibilities of the future.


    • Master of Business Administration(MBA)
    • Master of Business Administration (International Business)
    • Master of Business Administration (Human Resource)

    Seats: 150

    Admission criteria:

    Performance in CAT and Personality Assessment


    Highest Salary: Rs 7.25 lakhs


    University Business School,

    Panjab Univesity

    Sector 14,

    Chandigarh – 160014

    Tel: 0172-2534701


    You can add more colleges you know in  the comments section


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